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Friction began to occur in Tomoda's family after a period of time when she returned to her husband's house. This also made her husband depressed and determined to voluntarily go away from home for work for a long time. He didn't think about the consequences of being away from home. This was probably the worst decision of his life. All the bad things that happen stem from the abusive father. While his son is away, he always has feelings of sexual desire, and at that time there is only his beautiful, sexy daughter-in-law by his side. That caused him to have evil thoughts. Until one time, he was determined to carry out his sinister plan to "kill" her. He invited his daughter-in-law to drink alcohol with him and then intentionally got her drunk, making her lose consciousness and then took this opportunity to do what he wanted, which was to commit rape. What a miserable father.

XVSR-445 Dad's good daughter-in-law
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 Mã phim: XVSR-445 
 Diễn viên: Ayaka Tomoda