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Thank you for your help This is the 3rd product of the newly established department specializing in amateur AV even in SOD. With the motto "as soon as I see you, I will shoot you right away", I will provide porn videos with no production, no spices, and delicious ingredients for gentlemen. I will try my best. Please tell me that the girl I happened to be talking to is a porn talent. Namika was standing alone looking at the map at the station where I got off the bus to go to the office because I was lazy to go to the company because it was raining. At first I was a bit wary of calling him for directions, but once I talked to him, the glue stuck well and he offered me a cup of tea quite easily. If you ask me, she came from Hiroshima to play with her favorite idol. It seemed like she didn't have many friends here, so we got to know each other so quickly that we held her luggage and waited for her to use the restroom. (Laughs) Thanks to the rain, I took him to the hotel and flirted with him... Then, the conclusion was that I was KO'd by Gap. When I caressed her nipples while kissing her, her body bounced in a square shape, and when I lifted her skirt, there was a big stain... Owner of a lot of sensitivity feelings, toys, man's hand, cunnilingus... Even before insertion, the shrimp warps many times in a state of iregui. Sucking cock is also polite, lick the base and lick firmly. With an appearance like that, it doesn't look like he's playing around, it feels like a lewd and groping person. Shortness of breath immediately after insertion and climax. It's been a long time since I've had such good sex. I planned to go back to Hiroshima that evening, but I didn't want to go back yet, so I asked, ``I'll pay for the Shinkansen and the hotel, so let me take a proper photo.'' Then I said, "I want to be a big AV actor because it's a big deal." As expected, I was hyperventilating immediately after placement. (Laughs) I was able to take a photo of my beautiful slim body in the morning sunlight during my stay, and the 3P before the breakup was almost an accident. We said goodbye at Tokyo Station and said, "It was a beautiful memory." I hope we can meet again. She is a girl you definitely want to see even if it's just a sample.

MOGI-100 Take a female student to a hotel to have great sex
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