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Test shot of amateur girls rocking their trend at Prestige. Rena-chan, a baker with a slim body with a popular erogenous zone, who signed up for AV to heal the pain of a broken heart with sex. Shake your BODY sharp and lewd and squirt. Rika-chan, a university student with a strong sexual desire. Kurumi-chan, a Yariman pachinko shop employee, has a history of visiting more than 100 pachinko parlors. Decided to appear in AV with a big cake as a weapon to earn pocket money. Plump H-cup college student Ruka-chan 4 hours of "SEX talent" gathered from all over Japan immersed in joy

AMA-067 Checked into the hotel after a date with Mia Nanasawa and was surprised because she was so slutty
 Movie Code: AMA-067 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Mia Nanasawa